Welcome to the blog section of TCM Massage Therapy Clinic. Our philosophy is “Healthy Body, Happy Life”. Here we will share with you some relevant knowledge and modern-day interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine (traditional culture) on rehabilitation and health-keeping. Traditional Chinese medicine embodies the wisdom gained through generations of clinical practices. It is a fortune to have come into contact with and learn from such precious wisdom that has been passed along for thousands of years. Meanwhile, it is also our honor to share this knowledge with you. With a humble and grateful mind, we hope that together we will learn and grow on the path to lifelong health. The topics of our upcoming posts will be structured as follows:

  • Acupuncture and moxibustion,
  • Massage
  • Guasha
  • Cupping
  • Chinese medicine
  • Diet
  • Medicated bath
  • Traditional exercise (Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi, Ba Duan Jin, Tai Chi Sword, etc.)

We will post these contents on a regular basis and we hope such knowledge can help you realize the importance of self-care in daily life and practice self-care mindfully and effectively.  We greatly appreciate you following and supporting us. Many thanks!

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