Helena Hu

License: #MA 61345392

Helena Hu was born in Kunming, the capital city of  Yunnan Province in southwest China. In her adolescent years, Helena helped her uncle run a business trading Chinese medicinal herbs, where she learned about and thereupon developed a keen interest in traditional Chinese medicine. After years of intense study, she acquired the Traditional Chinese Rehabilitation Therapist Certificate, Chinese Medicine Pharmacist Certificate, and Aromatherapy Certificate. Deeply invested in language, culture, and humanity, Helena also attained Advanced International Chinese Instructor License and Psychological Consultant Certificate. Helena’s entrepreneurship began in 1998 and had since successfully run two companies, one dedicated to housekeeping and another, language education, until she moved to the US with her husband in 2019. Then she devoted herself to Chinese Mandarin instruction, having produced a series of  Chinese Mandarin study books as well as a complimentary learning website. In search of a better way to combine and maximize the advantage of her knowledge and interests, Helena decided to receive professional training and received her Washington Massage Therapy License in 2021. Her vision is to help people relieve physical pain and adopt a healthier way of life through the incorporation of Chinese health-keeping and rehabilitation ideology and methods into both her professional and personal practices.